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Jason Feist is a third generation entrepreneur in his family. His grandfather owned and operated a local butcher shop with two retail locations and successfully retired from his business before he sold it. His mother owns a local catering company, which has been serving the Cincinnati Tri-State area for the past 22 years. 

Jason has been working in and around businesses his entire life. At the young age of 11 years old, he set out on his first business venture. He recognized that the neighbors in his grandmother's neighborhood were not keeping up with their lawn-care. He sat at his grandmother's kitchen table sketching out a business plan and creating a marketing and pricing strategy, negotiating and acquiring the equipment necessary to perform the service and hiring help to scale the business into more than just a sole provider. 

At the age of 14, his mother opened a restaurant and catering business.  Jason worked in the restaurant and witnessed the business challenges an entrepreneur goes through on a daily basis.  After several years the restaurant was struggling; however, the catering aspect was accelerating. He watches his mother narrow her focus to the catering aspect and she still continues to be successful in the catering business 22 years later. 

Jason grew up surrounded by small businesses and naturally was interested in business. He pursued a college education in business and graduated with honors from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Jason specialized in accounting because he realized that a major key component of a successful business is having a strong understanding of the numbers data.  This has given him the expertise to better understand the financial measurements and analysis in a business and allow him to equip entrepreneurs to make better decisions in their personal businesses. Jason has witnessed that this is a key difference from other advisors, consultants, and business coaches.

Jason has over 16 years of comprehensive financial and accounting experience. He has worked in both small businesses and large businesses alike, holding various financial and accounting and leadership roles. Jason has founded two small businesses and has served 100's of entrepreneurs through his businesses. Through his years' of experience working with entrepreneurs he has seen a common theme among business owners. They are usually great at the product or service they have created or are selling; however, they fall short of the business knowledge and wisdom of other key components of their business. This is why he created a business advisory firm called Empowered Insights.  


Why We Do What We Do

Empowered Insights’ passion is igniting leadership teams to grow and develop so they can accelerate the growth of their firm.  It’s about helping entrepreneurs, who started a business for the freedom and independence it promised, to deal with the constraints of their own creation.  This is why we wake up and keep pushing forward.

Our mission is to equip entrepreneurs & small business owners to do what they love through our strategic advisory process of teaching, facilitating, and coaching. Our clients achieve revolutionary levels of business success and personal fulfillment.

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