We’re All About Building Relationships In Business

Jason Feist

We help service businesses connect with their leadership team so they can become congruent, make better business decisions to take their firm to the next level of success and break through the chains of resistance.

Inspired to serve through my own journey….

Hey Fellow Dreamer, I’m Jason Feist.  Founder of Empowered Insights.

I started out like a lot of my clients. I had dreams of creating a business that would allow me to go beyond ordinary service to actually transform my client’s lives. Actually executing that dream, carrying it out, bringing it to fruition, that became the biggest challenge I had ever faced. I dug deep into research, soaking up knowledge like a sponge, learning from everyone that I could, and I gained a lot of valuable insight but I still wasn’t being propelled forward. I wasn’t reaching the business owners that I wanted to reach.

The problem was that I didn’t have the right tools needed to have a thriving business.

The thing that was holding me back? Finances. Of all things for a traditionally trained accountant to be struggling with, I was struggling with financing my dream.

Specifically, I was struggling with cash flow and profitability. I felt like I was always working hard, always stressed, scrambling around, and NEVER GETTING ANY TRACTION. I was frustrated, just like you are no doubt frustrated. Why couldn’t I, the finance expert, get control of my cash flow issues to make it to the next level.



Then I had an epiphany…

I realized that my financial statements, cash flow, and profitability weren’t my problems.  My real problems was clarity, focus, and business foundations mastery which is what we help people with.

As a result, my business started to thrive once I got crystal clear on what I wanted and took action and started to master the fundamentals of business, which I call foundations.  So…I created a defined process, a specific business roadmap for success in taking my business to the next level with premium advisory and coaching on mastering the business foundations.

Business Advisory

We started using our business advisory, coaching methods and ideas on our own business. My belief is if it’s not good for me, then it’s not good for you. Doing this, I was able to grow my revenue by over 350% and increase my profitability by over 500% in only a 12-month period!

So, with that, Empowered Insights was born.  With our business advisory service, we want to help you win more, grow, increase profitability and become the “go to” business in your niche so you can make an impact.

There’s No Magic Pill

Are you looking for a magic pill or a get rich quick solution?  There isn’t one.  There’s no quick solution that leads to long-term success, helps you become a high performer, or will grow your business to revolutionary levels.  You need to build your business on a firm foundation; not on the shifting sands of the latest get rich quick scheme.

The secret sauce to building a business that gives you the freedom you want in your life is becoming a High Performance Hustler.

But this comes with a lot of responsibility.

My core mission is to help you ignite your leadership team to grow and develop, so you can accelerate the growth of your firm and enjoy a business worth having.

The unexamined firm isn’t worth having…

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