No Clarity = No Change

If your 2018 goals are growth-oriented then reaching them is going to be all about change and as you know, where there is no clarity, there won’t be any change. After all if you don’t know where you are going or how you will get there, how can you expect to reach your destination? It may seem like enough clarity that you have a written business plan, or even action steps for the year. But those types of intentions don’t get to the root of the changes you may need to make personally in order to reach your goals.

The following list is inspired by Brendon Burchard’s teachings on gaining clarity in his book “High Performance Habits”:

List the personal changes you need to make

Maybe its that you need to develop discipline in a certain area of your life, maybe it is that you need to start focusing on the positive side of things, or maybe you want to make healthier choices for your eating an exercise. Whatever your list is, write them out one by one and think of some practical ways that you can create reminders for yourself throughout the day of those changes you want to make. Then list out some steps you are going to take or tools you are going to use to help you cement those changes in your life.

Skills you will need to develop to reach your goals

Remember who you are today, won’t get you to where you want to go tomorrow. Think about what kind of skills you will need to have developed on December 31st, to make this year a success. These could be anything from learning computer coding or website design to mastering a new technique in your industry or niche that no one else in your market can do. Next, make a list of the steps you are going to take to develop these skills. If you don’t take the time to break it down, the task can seem to daunting to even begin. When broken down into steps it becomes much easier to take one small step at a time toward becoming an expert in something new.

Examine your emotions

Did you have times or situations in 2017 where you reacted badly and later regretted it? We’ve all been there. One great way to minimize these occurrences is to study them. Examine why in hindsight, you may have reacted the way you did. Then make a plan for how you want to react the next time a similar situation comes your way. When the time comes, remind yourself of the reaction you want to have and why. Next list out a few of the feelings you want to be experiencing more of in 2018 and brainstorm some ways you are going to do that.

Activities that brought You meaning

Sometimes we get so bogged down in the every day that we forget to do the things we love, that bring us joy, or that most serve others. Take the time to write out a list of the activities that bring the most meaning into your life. Then be intentional about scheduling more of that type of activity into your days, weeks, and months. By the end of the year, you will have had, not just a busy schedule, or a productive schedule, but a fulfilling, successful year.

Don’t wait in the fog. Sit down today and be intentional about working through these steps to gain the clarity you need for the year ahead. This is an ongoing process, the person you will need to become to face next year and the years beyond will always be evolving, but with some work and by asking yourself the right questions you can make those changes!

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