Does your team struggle to accomplish its goals? Do you find yourself getting frustrated with your team member’s lack of energy or lack of effectiveness?

The truth is, a more effective team isn’t really about the team members, it really starts with the leader. Your team may be your employees, or it may be your department or direct reports, but whoever they are, if you want better results, you have to step up and be a better leader.

This sounds pretty harsh…

You may be thinking “How dare they insinuate I’m not a good leader, they don’t know the people I have to deal with every day?” If you are thinking that, just stay with us for a moment. In their #1 New York Times Bestselling book “Extreme Ownership: How US Navy Seals Lead and Win,” Leif Babin and Jocko Willink detail a number of leadership strategies learned through one of the most intense team environments there is; a team of highly trained, highly specialized, Navy Seals. One of the key points they make in the book is about taking responsibility for your team. This means, taking personal ownership, not only of the successes of the team but also of the failures of the team.

If You Want a Better Team, You Have to be a Better Leader

As the leader, you have a unique ability to set the mindset and direction of the team. Yes, you may have pushback from your team members. B in an Employee/Employer relationship, if you exhibit qualities such as optimism and drive, you will see your employees follow suit. The same goes for negative qualities like stress and discontentment. These will also be contagious and can destroy your team’s productivity. So let your team see you, every day, working hard toward the goals of the company, being disciplined in your daily schedule, and following through on the things you said you would do. When you set this as the tone for your team or business, overall productivity will follow suit. And remember when failures happen, when your team misses the mark, don’t communicate blame. Instead, communicate responsibility and how you are going to make it happen better next time.

What are some ways you need to change your leadership style to help your team be more successful? Leave your ideas/suggestions in the comments below!

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